I discuss the auditory phenomenon of the ‘missing fundamental’ here, arguing that there is no need to appeal to sub-personal inferences in order to explain it. This paper will appear in Topoi’s forthcoming issue on ‘Perception without Representation.’

I review the edited volume ‘Music, Science and the Rhythmic Brain’ for Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences here.

I have two manuscripts under preparation, one to appear in the forthcoming ‘Aesthetics of Rhythm’ volume, edited by Andy Hamilton and Max Paddison, the other (with Bence Nanay) to feature in the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Western Music and Philosophy. The former talks about musical rhythm and multimodal perception; the latter discusses the role of expectations in conscious musical experience.

My CV is available here.

Finally, I sometimes write for the Guardian, on issues arising from the intersection of technology, humanities and the arts. You can read my contributions here.